Awakenings Part 2

Know Well, I Use My Power Only For Making People Aware Towards God…

To All Dear Ones
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Subject: Bhau’s Third Awakening of Thursday, the 5th of July, 2001 -- Know Well, I Use My Power Only For Making People Aware Towards God…

Beloved Baba’s silent Voice stopped, and I did not think that I would hear the Voice again. But within five minutes, I heard His silent Voice.

And Baba said, “When you joined the Trust, you were working very, very hard. In fact, you put the Trust in proper shape. It was all a mess, and nobody knew how to run or manage the Trust. Know well, I was helping you internally, and because of that, everything was set right.

“Why did I do it through you, and why not through others?

“Because you were the medium for this work, I used you. You worked day and night, continuously, for years, and arranged all the Trust activities on a legal basis. You would also take care of accounts, and instituted proper bookkeeping procedures for income and expenditures according to the laws. You made it clear that the expenditures were put into separate and correct categories. I was working through you. Do you realize this?”

And I said, “Yes, Baba. I would feel your help at every step, because the accounts were not properly maintained.”

“Because the money was not broken out, but listed together under general accounting, the Tax Department charged one lakh, sixty-nine thousand rupees tax on one lakh, ninety-nine thousand rupees income! You did well to sort out everything. But never forget that I was behind you, and I was helping you.

“Now, I will tell you the important thing, and what is that? You were keeping watch near Me, and at night, ghosts would come. Because you were awake while keeping watch, they would not be able to reach Me. After I dropped My body, they started coming to you. When you joined the Trust and were putting everything in proper shape, you had to contact so many government officials. They would harass you like anything. At that time, you were considering sending one ghost after the officials, so that they may feel scared and do your work.

“Whether it was it proper for you to think in such a way?

“I know everything that you were thinking at the time, and I was watching you. You were also praying that the superstructure above the Tomb be constructed overnight. All the new buildings should be constructed around Meherabad. Roads should be constructed in just one night. You were praying to Me for some power.

“What a fool you are!

“Is it difficult for Me to do anything? I could have made Meherabad a paradise in a moment. Big buildings, all over, with all facilities. Water in every building, and clean water at that. All this, I could have done in a moment. Electricity would not come from some government department, but it would have been arranged in such a way that nobody could understand how the power was generated. Beautiful gardens all over. People would have come from around the world to witness this miracle, which I would have done in a moment. But they would have come to see all this, not for Me.

“When people come for Me, I prepare them. I work for them internally. I create longing in them for Me. That is lasting and takes people towards the Path of Truth.

“I want My lovers to build Meherabad. They have been doing this, and there is beauty, because they cooperate in building Meherabad in different ways.

“I have chosen Meherabad, a place where there was no water. It was lying barren. The lands were hilly, and no one liked to be there. But I chose this place, and you just see what a change has happened!

“And why this change?"

“Because of My lovers. They are building Meherabad. I work for them, and they work for Me. They work for Me externally, and I work for them internally. Only then, because of love, is beauty there to see Me."

“I always provide the opportunity for My lovers to serve Me, and this is the opportunity for them provided by Me. The fortunate ones serve Me willingly, joyfully and without any hesitation. Realizing this fact, they silently serve Me, and I feel pleased.

“I also create situations that make it very, very difficult for those honest and sincere persons who work for Me. But since they work for Me in order to please Me, they do not lose heart. They face these situations lovingly, sincerely and honestly.

“For example, Meherazad is My residence. There was only one well when I was physically present. The farmers who owned the property close to the Meherazad buildings were trying their best to take possession of that well. As the well did not belong to them, it would have not been difficult for Me to change their minds so that they did not give Me any trouble. I asked the Mandali to find out legal ways to prove the well belonged to the Meherazad property. The Mandali did so, because when the property was purchased, the well was included in the deed.

“These farmers would go to any extent to harass Me. When the women were harvesting their crops in the land adjoining the property, they would sing very loudly outside My room, even though I would retire around four o’clock in the afternoon. Mehera wanted them to be told not to make any noise. When Dr. Goher asked them to lower their voices, they started making an even louder noise!

“Though they were disturbing Me, I had to keep quiet.

“You all know that I am all powerful. Could I not have stopped them by using My power?

“I could have done so. But know well, I use My power only for making people aware towards God.

“This is the reason why I have been discouraging people from giving importance to any miracles. Whenever people would attribute some miracle to Me, I would always say, ‘This is news to Me. I did not do it. The miracle happened because of your faith.’

“Now, I have created the Trust, and the Trustees are facing a lot of difficulties in developing it. They want to purchase land adjoining Meherazad, but those people who were creating trouble when I was physically present there have become very, very greedy. They have become most dishonest, most selfish, most greedy, and most deceptive. They want an exorbitant price for the land. But why do I not help My Mandali members and Trustees, so that those people may sell the land at a reasonable market value?

“Because I know the Trust receives money through donations from My lovers. These donations are the gift of love from them to share in the fulfillment of My cause. If these greedy people receive an exorbitant price from the Trust, they will collect the impressions from My lovers whose gift made it possible to purchase the land. So these greedy ones will collect the burden, though externally they will feel very, very happy, thinking that they are very clever.

“The same thing is happening at Meherabad. People think this is the opportunity for them to collect as much money as possible from the Trust, and they have been doing so. Outwardly, they work for the Trust, but they don’t work for Me. They work for money. They don’t love Me. They love money. I do not interfere with those who own lands the Trust needs for development and who expect an exorbitant price for them. Because they can get more money, they collect the bad sanskaras of My lovers who sincerely and lovingly donate money to the Trust.

“No one understands this exchange of sanskaras. That is why I repeat and repeat what Hafiz has said, ‘I torture my friends and make my enemies flourish, and no one has any right to ask me why I do so.’ Actually, I torture those who love Me, but I lessen their burden. And for those attached to their false self, I go on fulfilling their wants. As I am them, they will also have the opportunity to lessen their burden of sanskaras. But it will take time. They will also have to suffer and suffer later on in their next births. Then they will receive awareness through suffering and thus lose their sanskaras.

“This is My game -- The Divine Game. I also suffer in those who suffer in different ways in order to lose impressions which they have collected through greed, selfishness, pride, backbiting, slander, jealousy, anger and lust.

“So know well, that though I have to suffer and suffer whatever I do, I do it because of My love and compassion for everyone. I am the very life of everyone, and I am for everyone, though I have to play different, innumerable roles. For each person there is a different role. I am the director, producer, and actor in one, for everyone, and I play My role perfectly well.

The Voice stopped. It was 6:00 a.m. I was really very, very happy, full of energy and joy because I had the company of my Beloved.

In His Love and Service,
Trust Office
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India
Thursday, 5th July, 2001

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