Durlabh Singh

Durlabh Singh


Durlabh is a poet/artist resident in London, England. As a poet Durlabh has been published widely and Durlabh's latest collected poetry book has just been published CHROME RED (ISBN 1898030464). Durlabh's aim is to revitalize contemporary art scene with new expressions.

Below are a few small treasures, Enjoy.



Restore me
To myself
Divorce me
From perpetual death.

Bathe me
In fresh showers
Under the summer sun.

Take me
To lands
That speak of mystery
Where the tongues
Are given to leaves
And songs to birds
And little cicada sings
Enlivening the valley
With fresh sounds
Across the mountains.

Seize me
From clutches of
Give me suns
That will melt
The frozen seas
Within myself.






I hope that one day she will sigh
Holding strands of thousand griefs
Locked in the recesses of universe
Beyond the infinity of the briefs.

Beyond wounded streets of the city
Will look into the watery eyes of the sea
And her hand will explore silted memories
And all the secrets hidden in her enclose.

I hope one day she will remember
The vagrant nights of glistening rain
And all reflected images will conjure up
Voices of high romance within her breast.

Which of course she will always deny
Holding to rituals of flesh as her prime.