1 to 15 October 2017


Jai Meher Baba to you all!


Sunday 1 October.  After my morning walk I got ready for Meherazad.  There were maybe close to 200 pilgrims here because of Dessara. Though I normally don’t go on Sundays, it was busy and so they needed the extra help.


I picked up Zahra and Sandy, arriving at Meherazad by 10:15 AM.  We took darshan in Mandali Hall and the Blue Bus before going to the women’s side.  We all helped remove the covers on the windows, turn on the lights and open the windows.  We then sat on the verandah until the pilgrims arrived.


Monday 2 October.  I had a nice walk up the hill, though I had to be careful of all the mud.  We had another big rain last night with lighting, thunder, and then a big downpour.    Our rain had been 35 inches as of last week.  We have a couple of rains since then, one being last night.


I needed to go to the bank to sign some official documents. When I got there I saw it was again closed.  I tell you, the Indian banks sure have a lot of holidays.  I was told this is part of the Dessara holidays.


Tuesday 3 October.  I did my usual morning walk, stopping at the Samadhi on the way to the MPR and back to my room.  It has been so hot here; with humidity near the 80% that even at 5:30 AM I feel sweat dripping down my back when I stop on my walk.  I always feel so sticky.


When I got back to my room I got ready for Meherazad.  I picked up Sandy near the MPC.  Though there were a lot of pilgrims, I was able to leave early because they had enough help.  I had to go to the bank.


Finally, the bank was opened.  I was able to take care of business.  It was so hot I decided to stop for lunch and have a cold beer with it.  It is this humidity that wears a person down.


Wednesday 4 October.  I was up the hill early to clean Mehera and Mani’s shrines before the Samadhi doors opened.  When I went to Mehera’s side, there was this large frog, Mrs. Frog, who was hopping by her shrine and then went behind the backside of the Samadhi.  When I went to clean Mani’s shrine, Mrs. Frog was there near the Samadhi window.  It amused me because it looked like she was taking darshan from Mehera and Mani.  We have some frogs around because of all the rain.


We have some really good singers here during Arti.  One man, named John, used to be a Broadway performer in NYC.  You can tell right away by the control and beauty of his singing that he was a professional.


After Arti, when I got back to my room I opened my emails. Here is a copy of the notice sent from the Trust about Dolly Dastoor’s coming interment.  Many Baba Lover women over the years have had Dolly help them put on saris correctly, or been invited to she and Jal’s home for tea, or the years of their wedding anniversary parties.  This is our final good-bye in loving remembrance of our dear Dolly.


Subject: Dolly's interment

Dolly Jal Dastoor's tomb getting ready. Her ashes shall be interred on Sat 7th Oct 2017 and engraved top marble shall be put in place, between 4 pm to 6 pm. in Meher Darshan compound (Bungalow of Jal) on Dastoor Meher Road, Meherabad.

Shall be happy to have your presence to witness the event. 

You are invited. 

Jai Meher Baba,

Jal Dastoor.  





Thursday 5 October.   I walked up the hill to clean Mani’s shrine before taking darshan in the Samadhi.  I then prepared everything so I would be ready to give Prasad by 6:30 AM.  Then I went to clean Baba’s Cabin Room.  I seem to just be able to finish in time to make it to my Prasad Duty.


When I got back down the hill to my room, I got ready for Meherazad.  There are still a lot of pilgrims here, so we were busy.


Friday 6 October.  I walked up the hill to clean for Jayshree, nicknamed KooKoo, whose turn it was to clean Mani’s shrine and Baba’s Cabin Room.  When I went back to my room, after breakfast I went to clean the Jhopdi and Table House.  I do this each week so it will be clean for the Tour of Lower Meherabad.


There is a pilgrim here named Ray Lee, who I have known for over forty years.  He and his wife came over for tea, and he gave me a photo of a group of us from the early LA Baba group days in the 1970’s.




At night it once again rained.  It seems it is almost a daily event. 


Saturday 7 October.  I walked up the hill to clean Mani’s shrine and Baba’s Cabin Room.  In the afternoon was Dolly Dastoor's interment. This was a farewell to someone who gave her life in service to Baba.  I want to share some of the photos from it. Dolly interment. 











At night, there was a full moon with clouds soon filling the sky.  Then there was almost a lightening show, with lightening streaking from one end of the sky it seems to the other.  The whole sky would light up.  The thunder added to this show before the rains came. 


Sunday 8 Oct.  I was on the road to Pune by 6:00 AM.  I had a hair appointment and was going to pick up my prescription shades.  Right now, during the day I wear my glasses for distance seeing, then I put sunglasses on top of them.  Yes, I did get tired of doing that.  So, I came to a place in Pune I like to have them made two weeks ago.  Now it was time to pick them up.


Everywhere there were so many people shopping!  I had forgotten what it is like during Dassera—the days before Diwali.  It is the largest holiday in India; most all religions celebrate Diwali.  In the States, it would be like Christmas and 4th of July together—and in India there are a lot of people—a billion of them!  I think a good portion of them were in the same area I was in too!  My eyeglasses place was closed.  I will have to come back in the morning.


I found my wooden ship-making man.  He comes in the evenings on MGR and puts his newspapers on the sidewalk.  Then he displays all the wooden ships he makes by hand.  They are these really cool old-fashion sail ships.  He has large ones and small ones.  I buy them for my grandsons.





Monday 9 October.  As I was getting ready to leave the hotel in Pune, a man was outside on his bicycle sharpening knifes.  He would peddle as the back wheel turned a disk on his handlebars.  This young man probably goes to the different hotels and does this work.




Tuesday 10 October.  After my morning walk, I got ready for Meherazad.  There are still a lot of pilgrims here.  I think it must be because Dhuni is in two days. 


Meherazad was busy for a while.  When it slowed down I left.  I’m leaving for the States next week, so there is a lot to do to prepare.


Wednesday 11 October.  I was up the hill by 5:00 AM to clean Mehera and Mani’s shrines before the Samadhi doors opened.  After I prepared for Prasad Duty, I went to clean Baba’s Cabin Room.


Just as I was getting off duty, the Arangaon villagers came up to the Samadhi to share their special holiday with Baba.  They were a lively group!        







Thursday 12 October.  I was up the hill early to clean Mani’s shrine and Baba’s Cabin Room before my Prasad Duty at 6:30 AM.  Later I went to Meherazad to help out.


In Beloved Baba’s sweet love,