Some Baba Art by Frank D







On July 25th, 2000, Bhau started insisting and later stated he belived I was the reincarnation of Boman Irani. There's a fuller story, and suffice to say that it's pleasant to know and has no "gross world" benefits that I'm aware of. By the way, Boman seems to be among the most lesser of characters in the larger narrative of Baba's story. It's just cool, so I use it regulary with Baba related stuff. After 8 years from hearing His name I finally allowed His embrace in '95. These images (and a full seperate sketchbook like them) are playful ways I think of Baba in my daily life. A few "serious" items may be shared that bring a smile within, and just a smile across the old kisser is nice, too. Wax God mustaches and Mastery in Servitude bindi's anyone? PS: detail may be lost. The Samadhi tee shirt states "What's Samadhi wit yu?", the "really really really veiled" shirt has an "aspirant tablet", & there's the "banannawalla" tee. The ties L>R: AMBKJ-a portrait-seclusion hill-DW/BH-the path to the tomb-rainbow repeating His name-&Christmas at the Narmada. And the watches have no hands.


Below are a few small treasures, Enjoy.

Frank D