The All-Knowing One, Meher Baba


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Image copyright © Tony Howell,

The All-Knowing One, Meher Baba



In the 1960's during one of His summer stays at Guru Prasad, Avatar Meher Baba was in the mandali's room where He had been since late morning. At lunchtime the mandali left to eat while Baba remained in the room with Eruch. Those of us who stayed with Baba during His Guru Prasad visits would eat a simple meal of rice, dal and chappatis. Francis Brabazon, Pendu, Nana Kher and myself (among others) would eat together in a small side room. Generally, our lunch leftovers would be our evening supper. While eating, I heard a family from Nagpur (a Mr. Savaji) arrive and they were permitted to meet Baba. This was their first time seeing Baba. Baba was happy to see them and had a long talk with them. They stayed for half an hour. After I finished my lunch I entered the room and heard Baba telling the family to eat their lunch at Guru Prasad. I told Pendu, and he was concerned because there were only three meager meals left, which were to be our supper; but there were six members of the family! Just then, Dr. Goher came from the women's side with the news for Pendu that there was a special lunch treat for the men mandali. It turned out that the gardener's son had been recently married and he had brought a feast that day for the mandali. There was enough food to feed the family. They were called in and they really enjoyed a delicious meal orchestrated by Baba's divine will. For me it was a very loving coincidence that reminded me of Baba's omniscience and compassion.

Meher Baba, the All-Knowing One, continues to this day to provide timeless care for His dear ones. Now I would like to share an example of this happening in the new millennium, which I call "Meher Millennium."

* * *

Banoo, wife of Khusrow Namiranian from Iran, wanted very much to accompany her husband to India for the 2001 Amartithi celebration at Meherabad. Unfortunately, at that time family circumstances did not allow it, and Banoo was broken-hearted. She prayed to Baba about it, asking Him to help make it possible for her to attend His Amartithi. She prayed so ardently that Baba responded to her in His unique way.

Soon thereafter a distant relative of Banoo's came visiting her and inquired about Banoo's state of despair. "what can I do? I wanted to go to India, but I can't," Banoo explained. To Banoo's amazement, her relative offered to give her the money she needed - sufficient for her ticket, visa, and all her travel expenses. To Banoo it was like manna from heaven. Not only that, but everything that Banoo needed to leave Iran came through very quickly so that she would be in time for the Amartithi program. Miraculously so. Banoo and her close relative, Dowlat (who would travel with her) were issued passports without delay and their visas were approved, despite earlier denials by the local officials.

Happily they boarded the plane for India. It was their first time on a plane, and their first time travelling to India. They were a little bit afraid of what they would do when they landed in Bombay (Mumbai). Neither Banoo nor Dowlat spoke English. How would they communicate their needs they wondered. But when they disembarked they saw a man who was wearing the Zoroastrian symbol around his neck. They approached him and in broken Dari (a Persian dialect) they made him understand where they needed to go and he agreed to help them. The man took them to the train station and helped them purchase tickets for Pune. He informed them that they would have to take a bus from Pune to Ahmednagar. When the women arrived in Pune they met another Parsi gentlemen who helped them leave the train station, showing them to give their tickets to the collector. He also pointed out a bus just nearby that turned out to be going to Ahmednagar! Banoo and Dowlat were delighted at the guiding hand of Beloved Baba. When they got on the bus and asked for the fare, they were surprised to hear that the owner was not going to charge them anything as it was his bus's maiden journey. He wished to offer the journey to God by not charging anyone.

Once Banoo and Dowlat arrived in Ahmednagar they did not know how to reach Meherabad, but as soon as they alighted from the bus, rickshaw drivers approached them calling out, "Meherabad, Meherabad." They were taken to the Meher Pilgrim Center and though they did not have reservations the receptionists managed to accommodate them. They really enjoyed their stay at Meherabad, all the time thanking Baba for His inward and outward guidance and help.

Was it not in fact dear Baba helping them through these unknown people on their destined visit to His Samadhi, where He is ever alive to greet His dear ones!

Baba often said that spirituality in addition to being most natural was also most simple.

By Bal Natu