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Catherine Haas Riley 

Catherine Haas Riley

Singer, songwriter, teacher and composer, Catherine Haas Riley grew up surrounded by beautiful music. As a child, Riley studied piano, later guitar, and then voice. She received her degree from Brandeis University in 1972 and began performing and teaching music more than 25 years ago.

Ms Riley is certified in the Orff-Schulwerk method of music education, which has influenced her composing style. Later she founded a Renaissance consort and organized Renaissance Fairs, performing period music in costume for the public and in schools in New York State and in North and South Carolina.

Now in Asheville, North Carolina, Ms.Riley has collaborated with puppeteer Lisa Sturz, writing music to accompany 2 full length puppet shows, "La Befana." and "The Salt Crystal," which were presented to the public and in the area schools.

For many years, Ms Riley had focused on the inner spiritual journey, and over a decade ago, she began composing and performing music with spiritual themes. She has produced two solo cassette tapes and in 2000 she released a CD.

Speaking of the stages of her career, Riley says, "Having been a music teacher for over 25 years, this was how I identified myself. As I organized numerous music programs, I felt the happiness of opening up students' innate talents and passing on the magic that is music. As I began to sing and concertize, being a singer became my joy. Over the last 13 years, I started to write my own songs and share them with others. As the responses were enthusiastic and as I became more adept, I now call myself a singer-songwriter.

"When I moved to Asheville 6 years ago and joined a women's community choir, I reset a number of my solo pieces for this chorus. Then, yearning to experience a larger choral sound, I added men's voices to some of my pieces. These have been performed locally, nationally, and internationally and are included on my CD."

Because of my love of singing, writing and sharing sacred music, I am thrilled to offer my own music to other choral groups, retreat centers and churches (new age and traditional), and women's groups. I self-publish my own choral material (SSA & SA TB) and make this music available at affordable prices.

In touring with my solo and choral devotional material, I have included these choral songs at my concerts, teaching them to the different groups gathered for weekend spiritual retreats. I am available for such concerts and for workshops of sharing and teaching my devotional music at new age weekends and retreat centers!

Ms. Riley continues to teach voice, guitar, piano and recorder in Asheville. She also composes and performs new solo and choral works based on spiritual themes. She is married to artist Thomas Riley.

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