Awakenings Part 2

A Tight Slap

To: All dear ones
By email: 20th November, 2001
Subject: Bhau’s “Awakening” of 1st July -- A Tight Slap

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

From Bhau:

Around 6:00 a.m. this morning [Sunday, 1st July], I was taking a walk in front of my room.

All of a sudden, I felt a vacuum, and yet I was walking, like a dead man.

Kaka Baria, one of the mandali, actually was like a dead man, yet still He would be moving. His pulse was missing; his heartbeat was missing, and still he was walking and talking. When any doctor came to Meherazad, Dr. Goher would ask them to examine Kaka. The doctor would perform his examination and be amazed that Kaka was still alive. Kaka was doing everything: eating, talking, walking, yet he was like a dead man.

So I, too, was like a dead man and yet still walking.

Immediately, I sensed someone communicating through my feelings, as if Beloved Baba were telling me something. As I remembered Him, He said in his silent voice, “You are walking, and though you are not aware of your breath, I am. If you run, however, you will become aware of your breath. Though you breathe continuously, day and night, and when you sleep still you breathe, you are conscious of your breath only when you run or do very hard work.

“Similarly, I am always with you, day and night. I do not leave you even for a moment. When you go on remembering Me, you gradually become aware of Me. Though I am the very life of everyone, without thinking about or remembering Me, you cannot become aware of Me.

“This is the reason I ask people to remember Me wholeheartedly. If they do so, they become aware of Me.

“It is a great thing to remember Me wholeheartedly. When you remember Me wholeheartedly, you forget your false self. Actually, the false self does not exist. But because you remember it all the time, you grant your false self existence, and you forget Me.

“This situation is no one’s fault. It happens because you always remain attached to your false self, and thus you don’t care for your Real Self. The false self becomes very, very strong. Though the Real Self exists in everyone eternally, you forget it to follow your false self.

“I have created this Creation. In Creation there appears to be manyness, though ultimately there is actually only the Real Self, God Who exists eternally. All else besides God is nothing but illusion, and illusion has no substance.

“But to experience the Real Self, one has to pass through the false self. Ultimately, one day you will experience the Real Self, and you, too, will become Eternal.

“So why was this Creation created? So that the Real Self should pass through manyness to one day experience the Real Self (God).

“But how will you be able to experience the Real Self? The play of illusion deceives everyone. Because of this deceit, everyone takes falsehood as real, though this falsehood is the medium to experience Truth.

“When you want to experience Light, you must pass through darkness. Only then will one day you experience Light. But while you are experiencing darkness, you take darkness as Light. This is illusion.

“Thus, as I have created Creation, it is My responsibility to make everyone experience Reality. This is My duty. I am bound by My duty. I can never be free from it, because I alone exist as God and have My Divine Plan under which I work.

“There are always five Perfect Masters who work under the Divine Plan. They are the ones who create the awareness of Truth. Otherwise, the world would remain absorbed in illusion and would never be inclined towards Truth.

“But when all kingdoms of consciousness go astray, and the darkness of ignorance becomes pitch black in the evolution of consciousness, I must come down on Earth in human form to give a Universal push. I am the One who has the sole responsibility for Creation. I am the Master of the Divine Plan, and I am also the Executor. The five Perfect Masters are like My ministers. I am the King, and they help Me in My Universal Work.

“When the play of ignorance increases, and all the kingdoms of Creation are affected, I must come back in human form. I am obliged to make people aware of Reality, so that they may proceed towards it. So that every kingdom progresses in a natural way, the lower kingdoms also receive My push. Abnormality, which hinders progress, is wiped out.

[Note from Bhau: This abnormality occurs when unnatural impressions are created. Natural Impressions are those created in response to the Original Whim, “Who am I?” Unnatural impressions are those created not in response to the Whim, and as a result, they cause misdeeds. These impressions hinder the progress of consciousness towards Divinity. The process of evolution of consciousness is more or less natural up to and through the animal kingdom, but because human beings exploit lower kingdoms by their use of chemicals, crossbreeding and cloning, the evolution of consciousness suffers a setback. That’s why God must come down in human form, to clean consciousness from unnatural impressions. He does this as part of the Universal Push.]

“It is not difficult for Me to give My push to lower kingdoms,” Beloved Baba continued in His silent voice. “But it is infinitely difficult to give My push to the human kingdom, because in this kingdom, mind is fully developed. Mind creates more and more darkness. People forget that they are in Creation to experience Light. They take darkness as Light. Their intellect is fully developed, which makes the darkness encompassing them thicker and thicker and thicker.

“So what do I do? I toss people into the Ocean and ask them to swim. They don’t know how to swim. They feel as if they are drowning and tightly catch hold of Me. When they do this, it becomes impossibly difficult for Me to help. I give them a tight slap, so that their grip on Me loosens. Then it becomes easy for Me to save them.

“When I give them a tight slap, they suffer. But this suffering helps them, so that they can swim with Me and reach the shore of the Shoreless Ocean.

“This is the reason suffering in the world goes on increasing, because I am giving My slap to people internally, and they know not why. But I have to take them to the shore of the Shoreless Ocean, so that they may be free from the darkness of ignorance.

“I have to show them the real path to Truth. For that purpose, I very happily create awareness in them towards Truth, so that they may not remain completely attached to darkness. They must have the ray of Light (awareness), so that they may tread the path of Truth and not wander in darkness.

“Though all people do not recognize Me at present, I am working hard to gradually give a slap to everyone. This slap is invaluable. I have to do it to force them to wake up from the sleep of ignorance. Only then can I show them the path of Truth so that they may tread upon it. The time when they will recognize Me is coming. I do not do this to teach, but to awaken. I am the Awakener, and I have to do My duty.”

The voice stopped, and it took me some time to realize that I had been walking.

Someone had asked me, “Since Baba is the Avatar, why are people suffering, and He does not help them?”

That question was in my mind when I started walking. But when my mind stopped working, I received the clear answer to that question. This is why Beloved Meher Baba has said, “Don’t worry, be happy. I will help you.”

He HAS been helping.

He is the Compassionate Father, and we are all His children.

In His Love and Service,
Bhau Trust Office Ahmednagar,
Maharashtra, India Sunday, 1st July, 2001

P.S. Coming soon: Bhau’s “Awakening” of 5th July -- A House of Sanskaras Without Ventilators, Windows or Doors, and a brief account of Bhau’s recent triumphant Andhra tour.

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