Creation: The Abbreviated Version

Creation: The Abbreviated Version

A Film by Rich Mauro

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Creation: The Abbreviated Version
was filmed at
94 Jewel / Solar Plexus Studios
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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Inspired by Meher Baba's book, God Speaks, this humorous short depicts the Universe's origination from Primordial Nothingness and one drop soul’s evolution _

mineral, worm...animal to human being - then its spiritual advancement to Universal Nothingness, finally reaching the state of God-Realization. The film shows that everyone, even Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees fans can achieve this sublime state.

Creation: The Abbreviated Versions
A Film by Rich Mauro


Cast and Crew

Hawaiian Shirt Guy

Johnny Blaze Leavitt

God, Rodney / Jesus

Rob Graydon

Rich and Poor Family

Yulie Agiv, Sam Agiv, Michelle Agiv

Black Man

Butch Savage

Soccer Player

Matt Mauro

I Shave Guy

Adam Sansone

I Shave Office Guy

Dan Littlewood

People in Park

Tanya Shayevich, Josh and Jacob Graydon, Monica Blaze Leavitt, John Lee, Karah Balagot

Democrat  Robber

Lynwood Shiva Sawyer


Director / Editor / Original Music

Rich Mauro


Monica Blaze Leavitt


Guy Morgan


Mohammed El Hadad


Eugene Malkin


Butch Savage, Eddie Bernard


John Lee

Hair Makeup, Wardrobe

Tanya Shayevich

Special Effects Editing

Rob Graydon

Script Consultant

Lynwood Shiva Sawyer