Meheru Irani

Meheru Irani

Meheru, is the niece of Mehera and has been with Baba now for decades, always accompanying her aunt whenever Mehera went on trips with Baba. While she had been in the background during the lifetime of Mehera, in recent times she too has shown the strong intelligence and character that was also so evident in Mehera. She has been made the head of the Trust's archives activity and has done a superb job of organizing that complex and very sensitive work. It obviously runs the constant challenge of upsetting people who have strong ideas on how BAba's and other close ones' words shall be preserved as well as the artifacts from their lives.

Don Stevens, 28 Dec 2001


A Message from Meheru

Dear Ones of our Baba Family in America

The news we read and listen to on radio and TV is just filled with the horrendous attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and on the Pentagon. It was with shock and disbelief that we rushed to watch the News and see for ourselves the terrible images - unbelievable, unimagined - that kept unfolding on the TV screen. How could this be happening? How could this happen anywhere in the world, let alone in America? How could people be so unfeeling - the ones who instigated it and the ones who died executing it, in the mistaken belief that in dying they themselves were carrying out the most noble deed of their lives for religion, for God.

And yet God showed us a different side of humanity that was so uplifting to the spirit - of people in the hundreds rushing to help, trying to save their fellow man and many dying in the act. This play of opposites showed almost simultaneously how God does not stop our actions, whether good or bad, but allows us to make the choice.

Some time ago I heard on the radio a story where a wrongdoer was getting away with his foul deeds, seemingly unpunished, and another man, questioning this, heard these words: "God is a silent voice within. He will not impose good. He will not eradicate evil. He wants us to win. God is hope. He is the colours of the rainbow."

It was so touching and heartwarming to witness on TV the church services and how people of all different faiths came together to pray for America. Baba's words came to us: "I intend to bring together all religions of the world like beads on one string."

For us fortunate ones who know of and love Baba - God has a form. He has substance, and He has shown us how to act and live. His life has been one of sacrifice and love. A love that, like the sun, is there for each and every one. Be firm in your love for Baba and never ever feel He is not there for you, nor for anyone who turns to Him in their need. Even if you feel it is your darkest hour, He is there with you sharing in the darkness. Be brave and strong and shine for Him - hold His banner high with the colours of the rainbow.

We at Meherazad are keeping up with world events, thinking of you all, and happy to learn that all our Baba family is safe. We are also thinking of other people of the world who have been oppressed and terrorized, living under terrible conditions. We know that Baba would not allow these events to happen unless they were necessary and meant to happen. I remember standing outside Baba's Room that night after hearing the news from New York City, looking up at the sky and praying - "Oh, Baba, you are all kindness and mercy - may we always be in Your care and in Your hands." And as we are, so is the whole world - may the whole of Creation be in His care. Beloved Baba had a very soft spot for Americans because of the bigness of their hearts. We pray that you may all come out stronger than before in yourselves and in your love for Baba. Let forgiveness rather than hate rule our lives and prevail everywhere. In each one's inner victory is His Victory.

All your Meherazad family remember you and send much much love to you.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!


(for Tavern Talk, 21st Sept, 2001)