Adrian Rawlins





1939 - 2001
Remembering Australia's Own
Adrian Rawlins
Meher Baba was Adrian's first love, poetry his second. He was regarded by many as one of the best readers of poetry in the world today.
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Adrian Rawlins has been at the forefront of quality arts activity for over 30 years, and during this time his many talents have been appreciated in the fields of poetry, theater, mime, dance, rock music, jazz, radio and visual arts. Adrian Rawlins has been called a leading figurehead on the Australian Music scene, one of the best loved eccentrics in the Australian Arts, and an antidote to dreary conformity.
Meher Baba is Adrian's first love,poetry is his second. He is regarded by many as one of the best readers of poetry in the world today.


Below are a few small treasure, Enjoy.

BABA, true God, true son-of-God, true man
the true Virgin-birth (free of Sanskaras)
HOLY LOVE, my sweetness, my heart,
my joy, my soul-heal. Sweet BABA ,
my darling, my life, my light, my healing-oil,
my balm, my honey-drop.

BABA, let me adore you for your own sake,
who are so soft, so sweet, so dear and so lovely
that angels look on thee and are never
satisfied of the sight.

(Adapted from a tenth and eleventh century Christian prayer.)


The invisible Garland

When love herself -MEHER'S Grace- the invisibe garland & near imperceptible deluge-
hit me over the head like a country railway watertank falling apart at the seams
I was drenched
not with heavy water, effervescent LIGHT.
-the sweetest kind of rain-
Bliss tore through my portions
Ecstacy erupted up & through me
all the moss which had gathered round the wall of the rolling stone
simply burned away
only the spray from the waterfall remained
-like the SUN-
an irrepressible enigma.