Awakenings Part 2

Judas, Ravana, Kauravas -- Why Twelve Judases in This Age?

To: All Dear Ones
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Date: January 15, 2002
Subject: Bhau’s Awakening of 12th December, 2001 -- Judas, Ravana, Kauravas -- Why Twelve Judases in This Age?


From Shiva:

Although there remain many of Bhau’s Awakenings prior to this one that remain to be distributed, the following seemed to have a profundity and urgency that indicated that it be released as soon as possible.

From Bhau:

This morning (Thursday, 12th December, 2001), as usual, I was walking in front of my room. Every day, I walk for half an hour for exercise. So today also I was walking, when something Beloved Baba said came into my mind: that during this advent, He would have twelve Judases.

Immediately, I started thinking, "Who are those twelve Judases? And why would there be twelve Judases in this age?"

Then another thought came into my mind: In the beginning, when Beloved Baba started His mission, there was one Colonel M.S. Irani from Poona.

He was opposing Baba, and he created a lot of trouble with his efforts to turn the Parsi and Irani community against the Avatar. He would distribute misinformation to newspapers. He would travel from place to place, lecturing against Baba. In 1939, he printed a book entitled MEHER BABA, THE HOAX, and when Baba was in Bangalore, Colonel Irani took two truckloads of this book to be handed out for free. He also arranged lectures in different Bangalore localities.

When he approached the city, one of the trucks toppled over. Nevertheless, he still gave lectures against Baba and distributed these books. Day and night, he thought about nothing except how to defeat Beloved Baba’s work and turn people against Him. Colonel Irani was also collecting stalwarts to work against the Avatar. The more opposition he created, the more people came to know about Beloved Baba.

He was a retired military doctor, and he had plenty of free time to do his work against Meher Baba. He had no other occupation except opposing Beloved Baba, and all the time, he was restless about how to accomplish Baba’s downfall.

He died in the 1960s, and his name was added to the list of Baba lovers!

From time to time, Baba would ask a mandali member to read aloud the list of those dead ones who had loved and served Him. Colonel Irani’s name was right there on that list. Generally, when Baba was in seclusion, He would ask the names of the dead lovers to be read out to Him. He would hear this list, not just once, but every day for 15 days, 20 days, 40 days. It would go on and on.

Baba would always remember Colonel Irani, whose work was like that of Judas. No one would remember Baba as Colonel Irani did. As everything happens according to Divine Will, whatever he was doing also fell under Divine Will. Though he was opposing Beloved Baba wholeheartedly, sincerely and honestly, he was also remembering Him wholeheartedly. There was no other work but opposition for Colonel Irani. Though he would go on opposing and opposing Him, he was Beloved Baba’s child, and Baba could not ignore him.

That’s why Colonel Irani’s name was put in the list of dead ones who followed Beloved Baba.

Colonel Irani’s actions were like those of Judas. But as he was doing Baba’s work according to the Divine Will, Colonel Irani was very close to Beloved Baba.

Judas betrayed Lord Jesus. He was the only member of Jesus’ Circle who could have done it. Jesus wanted Judas to carry this betrayal, and He made Judas do exactly that. Judas was following the Divine Will, and at the same time, he was obeying the Divine Wish because Jesus made him act according to His Wish. When he realized what he had done against the Lord, Judas hanged himself. He could not bear what he had done.

Colonel Irani acted according to the Divine Will, but he did not become aware of the Divine Wish.

During the time of Lord Ram, Ravana not only opposed Ram and did everything against Him that he could, but he abducted Ram’s wife, Sita, to Lanka. So what was he doing? He was behaving according to the Divine Will, but he never paid attention to the Divine Wish. Judas was following Jesus all the time. He was in His circle, and the Universal Work of Jesus required Him to make Judas betray Him. Judas could not understand this. After he betrayed Jesus, he repented and repented to the extent that he hanged himself.

The role of Judas was very, very important.

It was a very, very difficult one, and Judas played it unconsciously. Had he become conscious of that role, he would not have been able to carry it out. No one else could have performed it, so the Lord Himself made Judas do so.

Lord Jesus himself was crucified by the actions of Judas, but Judas had to betray Jesus because Jesus Himself made him do so. Colonel Irani’s role, however, was quite different from that of Judas.

What Lord Jesus did for the sake of humanity, nobody can understand, and whatever Judas did at the time was the culmination of the work of Lord Jesus for humanity. After His Crucifixion, Jesus continued to do His work, but no one in the world knows this secret.

K.F. Dastur was one of Baba’s mandali and edited the magazine, MEHER MESSAGE. He was a well-qualified and intelligent individual and would always be with Baba.

Dastur would employ flowery language in his magazine, addressing Baba as "His Highness Meher Baba..."

No one would pay any attention.

When Beloved Baba went to the West in 1931, He did not take K.F. Dastur with Him. Dastur became very annoyed. He started writing against Baba in MEHER MESSAGE.

When Baba returned from the West, He asked Dastur, "How did you manage to release MEHER MESSAGE in My absence? Did you take a loan from anyone to print the magazine? Collect all this money you spent from Rustom (one of Baba’s Mandali), and don’t spend anything from your own pocket."

Dastur was writing against Baba in His Own magazine, and Baba was financing it!

And see what happened? More and more people started flocking to Baba!

Dastur was very lean and thin, and when he went with Baba to Madras, he was giving a lecture before Baba. "Do you know who is Meher Baba? He is His Highness Meher Baba. His name is so sacred that you should take blood from your body and go on writing His name." What do you think of His Highness Meher Baba! He is so high that we can praise Him only when go on writing His name continuously with the blood of our body.” And Baba asked someone quietly, “Just go and see whether he has any blood.”

Baba, smiling, asked someone sitting near Him, "Whether Dastur has blood?"

Dastur would be with Baba, and what did he do?

He felt that he was the only person qualified to deal with Westerners, and Baba did not take him to the West. He wanted to accompany Baba, and when the Avatar did not take him to the West, Dastur, the same person who had been writing flowery praises of Beloved Baba, started writing against Him. In this way Dastur also did part of the work which Judas had done.

Colonel Irani was honest and sincere. That’s why he will be placed in the Memorial Tower, while K.F. Dastur was Judas.

But Baba has said that He will have twelve Judases, and that His Universal Manifestation will take place only when Maya (Illusion) reaches the zenith.

We just see the world situation, and we find Maya very, very active. The tragedy of the 11th of September at the World Trade Center (New York), Pentagon (Washington) and the plane crash (Pennsylvania) are examples of Maya’s work, of how Maya is trying to reach the extreme.

Those who symbolically represent Maya’s work demonstrate the power of Maya, who is associated with Judas’s work. Until the time Maya reaches the zenith, there will be more Judases. That’s why Baba has said that there will be twelve Judases this time, and why His manifestation will be the greatest on earth. Beloved Baba’s Wish is different from the Wish He had expressed in His previous advents. These Judases will be the tools of His work to take Maya to the zenith. Though their actions will be according to the Divine Will, they will be helpful in making the world follow His Divine Wish.

After His Universal Manifestation, the world will become aware of Meher Baba and be ready to follow His Wish. He prepares people to do so, and therefore He needs Judas to facilitate Maya’s work.

At the time of Krishna, He arranged the Mahabharata (the war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas). The Kauravas were creating more and more trouble, and the Pandavas were suffering.

At the time of Muhammad, He Himself was fighting, and His Circle members were also fighting those who were in the clutches of the extreme force of Maya. Now, the Wish which He had expressed at the time has become rituals and ceremonies.

Rituals and ceremonies come under the Divine Will, but the Divine Wish is the way to transcend rituals and ceremonies.

That’s why God has to come down on earth age after age. Whenever He does so, the situation always differs from that of His previous advent. It is according to this changed situation, of course, that He expresses His Wish for people to follow. When He expresses His Wish, He also prepares people to follow it. He works and works infinitely to clean minds from impressions that have accumulated therein and thus have become obstructions to following God.

The Wish the Avatar expresses during His previous advent becomes rituals, ceremonies and traditions. People follow them and imagine they are following God. They become so rigid that they go to any extent to follow their own rituals, ceremonies and traditions. These become a religion.

God is indivisible. There is nothing besides God. Only God exists, and therefore God is God, and there is no difference in the God of one religion or the God of different religions. The same God is in everyone and everything. But because of the play of Maya (Illusion), distinctions are made. People fight for their own religion, and they think theirs is better than the religion of others. This is nothing but the game of Maya.

As Beloved Avatar Meher Baba has said, there will be twelve Judases in this age. Maya must go to the extreme so that His Universal Manifestation can then also go to the extreme.

When Ram and Krishna incarnated, only people in India came to know of and follow them. When Buddha came, His message spread not only throughout India, but also to Burma, China, Japan, etc. When Lord Jesus came, His message spread to all Western countries and to Eastern countries, too. And when Muhammed came, His message spread in the Arab nations of the Middle East and thence to other nations in Asia and Africa.

But this time, Beloved Baba has said, that because His Universal Manifestation will be the greatest of this cycle, the world will recognize Him. People of every country will follow Him.

Ravana is depicted as having ten heads. In fact, he did not have ten heads, but he possessed the intelligence of ten heads. Using that intelligence, he played havoc, and Ram killed him. He was not the only culprit, but the whole country (Sri Lanka) was following him. Ravana was also a devotee of Shiva, but he was following Shiva through rituals and ceremonies. That is not real following. He was playing havoc, and he was killed by Ram so that righteousness might be established.

At present, we find Osama Bin Laden, who appears much more intelligent than Ravana. In the future, he will be regarded as if he had one thousand heads, because he is the one who is shaking the whole world.

This is just the beginning and shows that Maya is going to the extreme.

When Ravana was playing havoc, nobody knew except those in India. Now, here is our Bin Laden, whom people in every nook and corner of the world recognize. Every child knows him. How powerful is the game he is playing!!! He is following the Divine Will, but not the Divine Wish.

It is very difficult, rather, it is impossible to know the Divine Will. Only when you follow the Divine Wish wholeheartedly, sincerely, honestly and lovingly, can you then know what is the Divine Will. It cannot be understood. It is beyond understanding. It remains the same; it does not change.

But the Divine Wish changes according to the situation present when God comes down in human form. But when His Wish, expressed during the previous advent, takes the form of religion in the shape of rituals, ceremonies and traditions, duality becomes powerful, and God is forgotten.

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba has said, "I have not come to establish any religion, but I have come to bring all the religions together like beads on one string."

And it will happen. When Beloved Baba’s Universal Manifestation occurs, the external husk of religion will be shunned, and God as reality will be followed.

Osama Bin Laden and the people of his organization are following the Divine Will, but they are not following the Divine Wish. They will not be killed as Ravana was killed by Ram.

Because of Judas, Lord Jesus was crucified. Judas repented and hanged himself when this happened, and his repentance was the following of Jesus’ Wish.

Ram Himself killed Ravana, and Ravana was liberated. The Kauravas were under the Divine Will (though they also followed a part of Krishna’s Wish), and were killed by the Pandavas according to Krishna’s order. Though he did not consciously know it, since he was a member of Jesus’ Circle, Judas hanging himself in repentance occurred according to the Wish of Lord Jesus. After being in exile for many years, Muhammed forgave the corrupt land owners of Mecca when His army recaptured it.

But what about this one Bin Laden and the people of his organizations?

They are following Divine Will no doubt, which includes happiness and suffering, and therefore even if they undergo infinite pain and suffering, it will be under Divine Will.

This is the reason why Beloved Avatar Meher Baba has said before dropping His physical body, "Oh, Father, pity them all for they know not what will happen."


I dictated this in a span of two days because there was a lot of interference yesterday and today. I am also suffering from an intestinal obstruction. Yesterday when I was dictating this, the pain started. People would come and go continuously, and not only that, I also had to deal with Trust work.

Today, I am better. The pain is much less. The obstruction is removed, though still I feel bloated. I wanted to complete this Awakening, but again there was interference.

Though this message is very risky for my life, I feel that it should be given out. I should not hide whatever I feel from anyone, particularly Beloved Baba’s dear ones.

With all love and Jai Babas to you,

In His Love and Service,

Trust Office
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India
Thursday, 12th December 2001

A note from Bhau, who said that the following can be sent along with the Awakening, but wishes “to make it very clear that this message was given in response to the letters I received.”

“Osama Bin Laden is following the Divine Will, but he is not following the Divine Wish. The Divine Wish is for one to get rid of hatred, anger, jealousy, selfishness, greed, violence and all low desires.

The Divine Will includes everything. Whatever happens according to Divine Will is in the domain of Illusion. A leaf cannot move without the Divine Will. But the Divine Wish is such that it causes us go beyond good and bad, to go beyond all bindings. The Divine Will includes pain and pleasure.

What Bin Laden and his organization are doing will result in them all suffering and suffering, because their actions are under Divine Will. There is no escape from this, and because he is the leader, Bin Laden will suffer infinitely. He is Satan, and all those who are in his organization, they are also Satans.

Actually, everyone’s mind is a Satan.

The limited mind is the storehouse of sanskaras. Thus, no doubt, the mind itself is Satan because it is an obstruction in the spiritual path. The mind has good thoughts and the Mind has evil thoughts. If anyone does evil to others because of evil thoughts, he does the work of Satan. Unless the mind goes, one cannot find God. If the mind has sanskaras for progressing consciousness, it is of assistance [on the spiritual path]. But if the mind possesses sanskaras for creating troubles, difficulties and suffering for others, it works as Satan.

Mind must go in order to find God. Mind is the Satan, and Bin Laden’s mind is the leader.

Baba liked America, and since He continues liking America, Satan started his work that country. Because of Baba’s liking, Satan will play havoc there. But you will see that America will enjoy Beloved Baba’s Manifestation to a great extent, and there will be a balance of heart and mind. The energy of America will be properly channeled, resulting in spiritual progress. Because Baba has said that His Manifestation will be the greatest ever, other countries will also enjoy His Manifestation. Though India will be involved 100% in the war against Satan and will suffer the most, the country will also be spiritually benefited the most.

I did not see the tape of Bin Laden, but before I received your e-mail, Craig Ruff saw the tape and informed me. Bin Laden has a thousand heads. He is a very, very intelligent person who, in the name of Allah, is in the hands of Satan. He is following Satan while thinking that he is following Allah. How can one who has hatred for America follow Allah? Anyway, this is Beloved Baba’s game. Baba has said that Maya will reach the zenith, and then His Universal Manifestation will also reach the zenith. So Satan is acquiring more and more force and becoming more powerful. I don’t know what will happen during the period of Beloved Avatar Meher Baba’s advent, but I feel that this is just the beginning.”

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